1. What's the background to this project?

    In February 2018, Council resolved to undertake a multi-modal traffic and transport needs assessment as part of its new Local Planning Strategy. Consultant Arup conducted the assessment, based on guidelines provided by the WA Planning Commission. 

    The two-phase study involved:

    1.An overview of the state of the Town’s movement network. This was accompanied by a first phase of engagement where the community shared views on the current transport situation throughout the Town.

    2.Drafting a Local Integrated Transport Plan for the next 10 to 15 years, having regard to the Town’s street hierarchy, strategic connections to the regional transport network, as well as freight, cycling, public transport, pedestrian network, private vehicles and parking provision on-street and off-street. 

    We are now consulting about phase two of the study.

    2. What happens when consultation finishes?

    The draft plan was endorsed by Council at its June 2019 meeting for public advertising. Feedback will be considered and the plan re-presented to Council for adoption.

    3. What does the plan hope to achieve?

    The draft plan has been developed in a way that seeks to:

    • Maintain and enhance the Town’s identity and character
    • Provide greater walkability
    • Be conscious of road safety
    • Provide seamless and integrated travel mode connections to key places, destinations and facilities across the Town.