What is BassenDream Our Future?

    BassenDream Our Future is the name of the Town’s new community engagement project, to be implemented from March 2019 until approximately September 2019. The implementation of BassenDream Our Future is being managed by consultants Creating Communities with support from Collaborative Place Design. It will be comprised of multiple community engagement initiatives where local residents and stakeholders will be able to share their ideas and have input into the development of a new vision for Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill and a new LPS.

    What is a Local Planning Strategy?

    A Local Planning Strategy (LPS) is the key document that sets out a local government’s objectives for for the long-term planning and development of its area. It is strategic in nature (but not legally binding). Development of the strategy will consider social, environmental, resource management and economic factors that affect, and are affected by, land use and development. 

    It is important to note that the Strategy also provides a contextual framework for the making and implementation of more detailed plans for the communities and places in which you live, work, and recreate as well as enabling consistency in decision-making when dealing with land use and development proposals affecting your communities and places.

    Why is the Local Planning Strategy being updated?

    Perth is growing, and by 2050 the Western Australian State Government predict that an additional 800,000 homes will be needed to accommodate for the rising population. 

    In order to minimise urban sprawl and the negative environmental, economic and social impacts that come with it, roughly 47% of these additional homes will be built in existing suburbs. 

    The Town of Bassendean has a target of an additional 4,150 homes by 2050, meaning the current (2015) Local Planning Strategy needs to be reworked. 

    But preparing for additional homes is not the only purpose of a Local Planning Strategy. It is essential that the Town’s new Local Planning Strategy remains relevant and in line with the community’s vision for the future of Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill. 

    Through BassenDream Our Future the planning needs of the Town will be carefully considered alongside the community needs for the future. 

    What is the community engagement timeline?

    Small changes to the timeframe may occur as the project progresses. All timeframes are approximate.

    April – May 2019 

    Stakeholder Forums - Representatives of local stakeholder organisations (e.g. community groups, local businesses, sporting and recreation clubs)

    April – September 2019

    Online Polls - Open to all Town of Bassendean residents and stakeholders

    April – September 2019

    Ideas Hub Open - Open to all Town of Bassendean residents and stakeholders

    May – June 2019

    Mobile Ideas Hub to visit Ashfield and Eden Hill - Open to all Town of Bassendean residents and stakeholders

    May – June 2019

    Online Survey - Open to all Town of Bassendean residents and stakeholders

    July 2019

    Design Workshops - Town of Bassendean residents and stakeholders who have already been involved in the engagement process will be invited (attendee numbers will be limited)

    I have previously been engaged to inform the Local Planning Strategy, the Strategic Community Plan 2017 – 2027 (SCP) or another recent project. How is my previous feedback being used?

    The project team has reviewed the community engagement feedback from previous projects and will cross-check and confirm that this feedback is still relevant through the BassenDream Our Future process. 

    We understand that future visioning was part of the engagement process for the Strategic Community Plan 2017 – 2027 (SCP). We have heard the feedback that you previously provided, but want to probe further into questions that relate more closely to strategic land use planning. The project team does not intend to duplicate the questions that were asked during the previous engagement initiatives but instead build on the insights you contributed.

    Furthermore, the Town acknowledges that engagement hasn’t always been as effective and wide-reaching as it could have been in the past. The BassenDream Our Future process is designed to engage a broader cross-section of the community than former engagement processes, thus involving people who may not have had a say previously. We want everyone in the community to have a chance to put their ideas forward and have ensured that multiple, inclusive options for input exist throughout BassenDream Our Future. 

    Will any development occur as a result of this process?

    Neither the BassenDream Our Future project nor the development of a new Local Planning Strategy will directly result in any development. However, the Local Planning Strategy will identify areas where potential future development (or redevelopment) may be desired and we will seek feedback on opportunities related to this. 

    In essence, the new LPS will provide a catalyst for more detailed planning and development to occur but within the context of an agreed community vision and objectives.

    Where do I find more information?

    For more information visit the Ideas Hub between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday at the Old Post Office, 31 Old Perth Road, Bassendean.

    Alternatively, contact Breyon Gibbs on 9284 0910 or at breyon@creatingcommunities.com.au