1. What does FOGO mean?

    FOGO stands for Food Organics Garden Organics and refers to the collection of food scaps as well as natural material from your  garden to create high quality compost. A handy way to think about FOGO is "if it doesn't grow or it wasn't alive, its not FOGO".

    2.Why do we need a FOGO bin?

    Under the State Government's new state waste strategy, all councils need to move to a three bin system by 2025. More than half of our rubbish is organic food and garden waste. The introduction of a FOGO bin will have a major impact on diverting our rubbish from landfill.

    3. What will a FOGO system look like?

    It means households will have three bins, including one bin with a light green lid for collecting all food and garden organics.

    4. When will the new service start?

    In November 2019

    5. I already have a compost system at home. Do I still need a FOGO bin?

    We encourage you to continue to compost at home. However you can use your green lid bin for things like bones, meat and seafood. The three bin system will be standard for all households. If you find that you do not use your FOGO bin, you can contact us and our waste team will look into a solution for you.

    6. I live in an apartment/unit. How will the bin system work for me?

    The Town will consider how many of the bins are required for your unit complex, based on the size of the units and the current bin usage.

    7. Want to know more?

    Look for Council’s waste education stall at the Old Perth Road Markets on the last Sunday of each month and at the Hawaiian Shopping Centre on 27 June, 16 and 25 July, and 13 and 22 August.