1. What is a green trail?

It's a green transport route along a rail line from one destination to another. A green trail has been established from Perth to Cottesloe to Fremantle along the rail line. The green trail proposed for Bassendean will be the second in WA.

2. How did this project start?

The Department of Transport is working with the Town of Bassendean to complete the last remaining part of the shared pathway from Perth CBD to Midland which involves a 230 metre gap near Success Hill Train Station. Council has supported Option 3 which is a mixed verge/road alignment that narrows the road along the majority of the missing link.

3. Why this format for the consultation?

This is called a pop-up engagement where you draw people to an event. Just like our young children use their imagination around fairies and unicorns, we invite you to imagine how the future green trail will look. Our children will be the walkers and cyclists of the future, enjoying the green trail when it is established.