Why is the Town of Bassendean conducting this survey?

    To improve waste disposal behaviour and reduce waste to landfill and gather community feedback to determine interest in introducing a 3 bin waste system

    Why does the Town want to introduce a 3 bin system

    To improve waste disposal behaviour and reduce waste to landfill. Households will have an increased recycling capacity, there will be a reduction of approximately 20% of waste to landfill by capturing greenwaste for mulching.

    Who can have their say on the 3 bin waste survey?

    The residents/ ratepayers of Bassendean, Ashfield and Eden Hill are eligible to participate in the survey.

    Will there be any additional cost for my household?

    The Town is seeking Government funding  for the implementation of the 3 bin system. Subject to funding approval it is estimated there will be a one off cost of approximately $80 - $90 for the delivery of the new bin, and then an annual fee estimated at $20 - $30 which is added to your annual rates notice.

    When will the survey start and end?

    The survey will commence from Monday 4 December to Friday 17 December 2017

    Who will be conducting the survey?

    The Town has engaged a research company to make telephone calls to 400 residents across the Town of Bassendean which includes residents of Bassendean, Ashfield & Eden Hill.

    When will we know the results of the survey?

    Results will be reported back to council late February 2018

    If the report results show that the residents are in favour of introducing a 3 bin system when would it be likely to be introduced.

    It may be fully or partly introduced after 30 June 2018

    How can I participate in the survey? (reminder that you can submit one survey entry)

    by any of these methods.

    Telephone - you may receive a telephone call from our research company

    Online - you can go to /www.yoursay.bassendean.wa.gov.au

    In person - at our customer service  centre 35 Old Perth Rd

    Face to face – at  Hawaiian Bassendean Shopping centre Thurs 7 Dec, Friday 8 Dec, Thurs 14 Dec & Fri 15 Dec between 11.00am and 2.00pm

    What is a 3 bin waste system?

     To reduce contamination and  improve source separation The 3 bin waste system consists of separate bins for General waste,  Recyclables & Green Waste

    Red lid general waste bin

    general waste

    collected weekly 

    Yellow lid recycling bin

    plastics, cardboard, glass, newspaper, cans

    collected fortnightly

    Green lid green Waste bin

    lawn clippings, leaves, pruning's

    collected fortnightly

    How many times can I complete the survey?

    You are permitted to submit one entry in the survey